Criminal Expungements


Oregon Expungement / Expunction – the order of setting aside a criminal conviction or arrest record.

Clark Law & Associates now accepting expungement cases in Oregon!

For those who qualify, Clark Law & Associates can expunge your criminal record, which means that we can prepare and file the all necessary motions, orders and affidavits to seal your criminal record.

Our team of legal experts in Portland can accept an expungement case in any Oregon county, regardless of your residence. If you make an appointment to visit our Portland law office, we include fingerprinting at no extra charge.

Travel, Employment and Housing protection: An arrest record or criminal conviction record often affects one’s ability to obtain housing or employment. Some countries will not even allow entry if you have a criminal background.

Please feel free to telephone Clark Law & Associates if you have any questions about expungement cases. If Jennie is not available, an assistant will do an intake for Ms. Clarke’s review to determine if you are eligible to have your Oregon criminal record expunged.

Contact our Portland law firm for more information about expungements, today.

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