Charles A. Scott, J.D.

Charles Scott gay attorney portland oregon

Charles A. Scott joined our firm as a law clerk in October 2018.  Charles grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Orlando, Florida for his undergraduate education, where he studied International Relations and Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Rollins College.  Within a year after graduating college, Charles began studying for the LSAT and applied to law school.  He moved to Charleston, South Carolina where he completed his first year of law school, before transferring to Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon and completed his final two years of law school.  He decided to move to Portland because after his first visit he fell in love with the natural beauty of the city.  Charles recently graduated from  Lewis and Clark Law School  with his juris doctoral degree.  He is not an attorney yet, but he is on his way!  He is currently studying to take the Oregon State Bar exam at the end of February 2019.  He will receive the results of the bar exam sometime in the late spring of 2019 and hopefully will be joining our ranks as an attorney here in Portland, Oregon.

Meanwhile, he is working under the supervision of managing attorney, Jennie L. Clark, and/or the other attorneys in the firm of Clark Law and Associates, LLC on personal injury cases.  Charles is proficient in Spanish and continuing to work on his complete fluency.  If you need a Spanish speaking legal assistant click here.  Mr. Scott is acutely aware of the impact injuries have on one's life, as he has been working in our office with a broken foot while studying for the Oregon State Bar.

Charles is a firm believer in fair and equal representation and is willing to help individuals of any race, religion, sexual orientation, and nationality.  As a member of the gay community, Charles understands what it can feel like to be faced with discrimination and how important it can be to have a support system and find a lawyer you are comfortable with.  If you would prefer a highly-skilled member of the LGBT community to assist with your case, please call (503) 238-1010 and ask for Charles.  He can assist with your initial intake and your case.  

In his scarce free time, Charles enjoys running, swimming, skiing, and traveling.  He has been to over thirty countries and is eager to travel to as many as he can!  He has two dogs and two ferrets and loves animals.  

He is currently assisting with accident and personal injury cases as follows:


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