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Snarling dog about to bite

Were you bitten or attacked by a dog in Oregon or Washington? Why hire an attorney? If so, call 503-238-1010 to obtain fair compensation for your dog bite injuries!

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Clark Law and Associates handles dog bite cases in Oregon and Washington State for a variety of clients.

We usually handle dog bite cases on a contingency fee basis provided that we believe the dog owner is legally liable and the dog owner has sufficient assets and/or insurance.

In addition to state statutes, most counties and cities have dog bite statutes. Many localities impose liability if an off-leash dog, not on the owner’s property, causes bodily injury or property damage. The injury from a dog attack may be in the form of a dog bite or from injuries due to the dog knocking someone over.

Trespass claims can also be made for dogs who wander off of their property and cause damage. Oregon State, Washington State and all the various county and city statutes change periodically, so the current laws must be verified in relation to the time and place of the dog attack.

Which county did this dog bite happen?

Benton County

Clackamas County

Lane County

Linn County

Marion County

Multnomah County

Washington County

Was the dog owned by the government?

What is the statute on Oregon dog control?

If you have questions about a possible dog bite case in Oregon or Washington, give Clark Law & Associates a call!

Here is what you should do after a dog bit.

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