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Despite you not having witnessed many car accidents in your lifetime, they are more common than you might think.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2013 there had been more than 1.25 million deaths across the world, while millions of other people have sustained severe, debilitating, long-term injuries, with significant side-effects. This is what we, at Woods Law KC have to deal with every day.

A Kansas City car accident lawyer can make the difference regarding getting your lost value back. Or, at least, get fair compensation in return. The main problem with car crashes is that, regardless of how careful you might be in traffic, you will always come across drivers who neither have the time nor the mental predisposition to exert the same behavior.

As a result, you will have to deal with:

- Aggressive drivers, showing little patience in traffic and resorting to reckless driving more than anyone else

- Teenagers and beginners, who represent one of the high-risk accident groups

- Drunk driving, or drug users behind the wheel, putting everyone in danger

- Speeding, combined with any of the factors mentioned above, significantly increasing the risk of crashing

- Fatigue, which is one of the leading causes of accidents, almost as dangerous as driving under the influence (DUI)

- Drivers being distracted by eating, smoking, talking to the passengers or on the phone among many other distractions.

And with so many risks, it is natural to look for as much protection as you can, one of which is reflected in the services of a Kansas City car accident lawyer.

What We Offer

Despite seeming pretty straightforward, damages being caused by traffic crashes involve a wide range of problems, each requiring a personalized approach. This is why our services have been developed to cover the entire plethora of possibilities, including:

  1. Brain and spinal cord damages

Except for death, these are the worst injuries a person may experience as a result of a car crash. Not only might they leave you permanently disabled, but may also change you as a human being. Any brain injury has the potential to alter your personality for good.

  1. Motorcycle, truck and car accident

Each of these cases come with their specifics, which means different approaches are necessary. Fortunately, we have both the human resources and the know-how to deal with any of them proficiently and conclusively.

  1. Wrongful death and medical negligence

While this latter is rarer than the first, both of these cases can spark a lot of revolt among those involved. It is only natural for this to happen. Injustice is something that triggers us to our very core, which is why we need to make sure it never happens.

A Kansas City car accident lawyer can come in handy regardless of the situation, which is why you need the Woods Law KC services. We spare no expenses and leave nothing to chance because playing with people’s lives is something we never do.

How We Help

Our attorneys will work tirelessly to establish the fault of the accident for our clients who were injured through the negligence or interntional actions of another party. In cases with multiple vehicles involved, it can be extremely difficult sorting out the details of what occured during the accident, but we'll spare no expense or resource to get to the heart of what happened. If you have injuries as a result of the accident, we'll help you find the best medical team in the area to treat your injuries and speed healing. You won't have to worry about paying any medical bills while we represent your case.

Your Kansas City car accident lawyer from Woods Law KC will keep you apprised of your case as it is proceeding while you heal from your injuries. Our ultimate goal is to win your case, in or out of court, so you will receive the maximum allowable compensation for your injuries and damages. Can any other legal advisor offer you as much as Woods Law KC?

Your No-Cost, No-Obligtion Consultation

We want to take time to answer your questions, either over the phone or in person. If you can't travel, we'll come to you to gather the necessary information to open your case. If you decide to hire us as your legal team, you'll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the most experienced accident attorneys working for you, fighting for you, and fully committed to winning just compensation for you.

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