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5 Questions To Ask Law Firms In Surrey

When you find yourself in need of law firms in the Surrey area and you are unsure of how to narrow down the number of candidates that you have to choose from, there are a number of questions that can be asked that will provide you with answers that you need to hear and allow you to make a truly informed decision.

There is no reason why you should allow yourself to be rushed when it comes to a decision like this one and there is nothing wrong with interviewing as many law firms as your Surrey schedule allows for. Read on to learn more about the most important questions that you need to be asking, so that you can steer clear of the pitfalls that are associated with a lack of inquisitiveness.

1. How Long Have You Been Practicing Law?

This might seem like a very obvious question to some, but all law firms are not created and there are some Surrey law firms that are less experienced than their counterparts. Knowing how long the firm has been practicing keeps from basing your decision on the consultation meeting alone and also keeps you from potentially hiring a firm that may or may not actually have the ability to assist you.

2. Do You Always Handle Cases Like Mine?

All law firms do not always handle all of the same type of cases and you will need to learn more about the specific cases that each firm handles. You may require a different type of assistance that the law firm is unable to provide, so be sure to inquire about what cases they have handled in the past and whether they have the same requirements as your own.

3. What Is Your Track Record?

A consultation meeting is no time to become shy and retiring and there are no questions that you should be afraid to ask. There is nothing wrong with finding out what the lawyer's won-loss record is and how they achieve these victories. For example, are they achieving their victories in the traditional sense or are they taking place by default? The more you know about their specific track record, the better the decision you will make.

4. What Special Training Do You Have?

A law degree should be an absolute given and you should also be asking your lawyer about their past special training and how this pertains to your case. Those who have been arrested for DUI and other specific matters of this nature will want to hire law firms from Surrey that have remained fully up to date when it comes to their special training.

5. Can You Take Me Through Your Philosophy?

Experienced lawyers have not only handled cases just like yours in the past, they can take you through every step of their philosophy and provide with a step by step guide to your case. While even the best lawyers cannot predict or guarantee a certain outcome to your legal proceedings, they are certainly able to offer you a reasonable idea of what to expect going forward.


law firms Surrey

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