Tenant Rates

Attorney Fee Rates for Oregon Tenant cases

At Clark Law and Associates in Portland, we know no two tenant cases are identical. As such, here is an outline of our Oregon Tenant case rates. If you have questions about our tenant rates, give our Portland law office a call.

  • Initial Consultation Rate:  $300.00/hour. This may possibly include a letter. However, some letters, in addition to a consultation, may require more time.
  • Standard Hourly Rate:  $300.00/hour

Some issues can be resolved within 1-hour consultation and possibly a letter and no further legal services are needed. However, if the initial consultation does not resolve your issue, we usually make an offer of representation depending on the nature of your case:

  • Representation on a prepaid hourly rate
  • A reduced hourly rate or flat fee:
    • With the right for the attorney to recover full hourly rates from your landlord
    • With the goal of recovering any attorney’s fees and costs you paid from your landlord
  • Contingency fee agreement where Attorney accepts a percentage of the settlement
    • Note: Contingency fees may be offset by attorney fees awarded or negotiated as part of a settlement. If attorney fees awarded or negotiated exceed the contingency fee percentage, the client will pay no contingency fee percentage and the attorney shall receive the full attorney fee award
    • Note: Most contingency fee cases require that no settlement is accepted unless attorney’s normal hourly rate is paid unless:
      • The client pays the Attorney’s normal hourly rate.
      • Attorney consents to a fee reduction
  • Contingency fee percentages are lower for Clients who forward litigation costs.

Please call our Portland office at (503) 238-1010 to arrange for a consultation, or if you are unsure if tenant law is what you really need.

Note: Our rates are subject to change without notification on this website.

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