Governmental Claims


Attorney / Lawyer for Claims Against the Oregon Government or Government-Run Business in Oregon


Tort Claim Notice in Oregon
For most Oregon claims against a governmental agency you must give proper Tort Claim notice under ORS 30.275 within 180 days.   If you have a wrongful death claim against a governmental agency in the state of Oregon you have 1 year to file tort claim notice.  The time period to give tort claim notice may be extended if an injured person is unable to give tort claim notice due to injury caused by the government or a governmental agent or because of minority, incompetency or other incapacity.  Tort claim notice preserves your Oregon State law claims.  If you fail to provide proper tort claim notice, you will lose your Oregon state law claims and lose rights of recovery.


Even  our firm is unwilling to accept your case on a contingency fee basis, we are usually willing to issue proper tort claim notice on an hourly basis, so that you have time to find an attorney to handle your case.

We accept cases in other areas of the law which may require tort claim notice:

  • Police Misconduct
  • Dog Bites by Governmental Dogs
  • Auto Accidents against drivers driving a governmental vehicle
  • Claims against Governmental Tenant
  • Claims against Governmental Landlords


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