Personal Injury Claims Against the Government

Personal Injury Claims Against the Government

There are additional that may apply if a case is to be filed against a governmental employee or agent. Below are some examples of when you might have a lawsuit against the government:


Oregon Tort Claim Notice

In the state of Oregon you must give proper Tort Claim Notice within 180 days under O.R.S. 30.275 to preserve your state law claims in relation to any governmental agent or employee. Tort claim notice preserves your Oregon State law claims. If you fail to provide tort claim notice within 180 days, you will lose your state law claims. In some types of cases, there are only state and not federal remedies available. If your case has Federal remedies available, then you may still have a viable case.


Washington State Tort Claim Notice


Under RCW 4.96.020(4) proper tort claim notice must be filed 60 days prior to filing a lawsuit.

Call (503) 238-1010. The initial phone consultation when personal injury is involved is at no charge.
If Clark Law & Associates, LLC accepts your personal case on a contingency fee basis, we promptly provide tort claim notice as part of our representation. Even if we are unwilling to accept your case on a contingency fee basis, we are usually willing to give proper tort claim notice on an hourly basis, so that you have time to find another attorney to handle your case.

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